I had something else on my mind for this week and then another senseless school shooting happened.

Someone decided to walk into a place that was safe and loving and killed 21 people, leaving countless others shattered in the aftermath.

It makes my heart heavy.

There just aren't words.

A family member knew someone whose daughter was killed in a school shooting and one thing we learned is when there are no words to convey our sadness, our compassion, or our love, we can do something.

It could be sitting with them, holding their hand, giving a hug, taking in a meal, mowing a lawn, walking a dog, or taking another care off their minds until they are able to heal a bit.

For those of us who do not live close and do not personally know those affected by the tragedy, we can choose today to be kind and loving in their memory.

I wish it were possible to take this kind of hurting and hate out of someone's heart, but I can't control that. I can control how I behave. The only way to combat hate is through love.

Today we can choose to be a little kinder.

Please join me in choosing love today and always.