Completely Full

By M-Power

You’ve heard the question a hundred times:             “Is the glass half empty or half full?”             If we are operating in noxious negativity mode we see the glass as half empty. It is absolutely true. It is half empty. Of course it is. Any dang fool can see it’s half empty. When we are feeling negative, we focus on what is missing and lament the lack of water in the glass.             When we are feeling more positive, we see the glass as half full. Of course it is half full. Anyone can see that. We focus on what we desire, and celebrate the presence of water.             Then there are those who see it as completely full – all the time. These seemingly crazy people are not just positive; they are what this psychologist calls pathologically positive. Pathological Positivity is an empowering mental supernormality that lifts us above the normal perception of “reality.” It…

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