My dad still consults with me on a regular basis and is one of my trusted advisors. He and I share a fear of plumbing. Dad taught me that there are two basic rules of plumbing:

Rule number one:   Water runs downhill.
Rule number two:   Don’t lick your fingers.

Positive psychology also has two basic rules.

Rule number one:   Principles govern everything.
Rule number two:   Some things you control, some things you don’t.

New surprises are on the way for 2014. Some will be the result of careful planning and goals, others just happen and are nothing like what we had in mind. Principles of positivity allow us to experience happiness now with “what is”, no matter what “what is” is. These same principles help us to get clear about creating an upgrade – taking “what is” and making from it the best “what is to be” possible. It can get messy out there so remember the rules, hang on tight, and have fun.

Happy New Year!

When you're still too young to shave, optimism is a perfectly legitimate response to failure.

~ Stephen King