If your default is to negativity, you can learn to be more positive!

My friend Devan Thorpe asked me on LinkedIn if our optimism setpoint is immovable or can we learn to be more positive?

Unless you missed it, I am a Positive Psychologist.

I answered that through research and clinical experience many aspects of positivity are trainable.

It is true that there are some things programmed into our DNA. Some people default to positivity and others default to negativity. 

Through repeated practice we can actually change our baseline of optimism, positivity and happiness. 

It takes practice! Like any other skill.

I compare it to learning a new language. 

Whatever language we were programmed to use from birth, that language “feels” like it is “right” for us. 

There are other options for language and it is only through making a clear choice and then a determined approach to practicing that our brains will hear the foreign sounds and give them meaning. 

You must put in the reps to build the muscle!

If you need to power up your positivity, we have a program that will help you do just that. 

Through proven principles you can improve every aspect of your life and relationships. 

You can change your default to positivity and become more optimistic and happy.

Dr. Paul