But that is the way I am made.

I can’t change.

You are changing from the moment you are conceived.

We were meant to change. We were meant to grow and develop.

Even though your body may stop growing taller, what is inside, your brain, your character, your emotional maturity is still growing and developing. 

I believe that people can change.

We can become better. 

We can practice and develop skills.

We can gain knowledge.

We can learn how to do things differently.

We can learn to manage ourselves.

Saying that this is the way we are and that people are going to have to accept us no matter what is a cop-out. It is a choice. You can choose to change — or not.

What you cannot change is someone else.

They have to want to change and so do you.

In the last year and a half we have had to change lots of different things in our lives. 

Being able to change, to adapt to different situations can make us more resilient. It can make us more desirable to employers and to people.

We find solutions and complain less.

We try new things and sometimes have success. When we don’t experience the success we thought we would get, we tweak our efforts and keep trying until we succeed.

And then we are in danger.

Because once we have a success or two, it is easy to stop trying new things. To stop developing ourselves. Then you find yourself becoming complacent, and things go south. 

Because we are meant to grow and develop. To become the best us we can be. 

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Dr. Paul