The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


Have you ever met someone who declares they are over someone or a situation and then they go on and on talking about that person or situation? 

They say they want change. They say they don’t want to be stuck. They say they want to move on.

And then they rehash the old – again.

The thing is the past is the past and what has happened has happened, we can’t make events turn out different than they are.

I always say something is not an option until someone sees it as an option. 

We don’t exercise the option to change because we don't see the option.

There are many ways to get unstuck. 

Some have become more mindful to help stay in the present. Some have journaled to work through their feelings or had help from a coach. Others have practiced gratitude.

When we focus on fighting or wishing something were different then we don’t have the energy to create something new and better. Today in tandem with our podcast episode, I would like you to consider telling yourself a story.

Go through everything that has happened in the past one more time, then continue writing the story. One that serves you better and focuses on you as the hero of the story.

Tell the story where you are no longer the victim. You are an agent who makes decisions based on what is happening now, not in the past, and doesn’t take into consideration the people and events of the past.

You are writing the here and now and staying firmly in that sphere. Write the continuation of your story.

If you are stuck and need some help, talk to one of our client experiences guides. They can help you write the story you want to live.