I Love You Too Much To Argue

By M-Power

Conflicts are a natural part of life.  The very thing that makes us interesting to each other (our differences) also creates the opportunity for conflict because of differing opinions, values, views, or preferences.  This is also true between parents and children, especially as kids begin to assert their independence.  Jim Fay, author of Parenting With Love and Logic, shared with our Parental Power group yesterday that there are some things you control and some things you don’t.  There is no value in arguing with your kids.  When they try to draw you into an argument, simply respond with “I love you too much to argue” and then figure out what you control and what you don’t.  If you have kids, you would really appreciate this interview – http://www.parental-power.com/2009/02/17/parental-power-with-love-and-logic/ products   Low Interest Payday Advance Three grand essentials to happiness in this life Are something to do, something to love, And…

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