Three ordinary letters when placed in the right order can cause a paradigm shift of monumental proportions.

Y          E          T

As in, “I can't do that!”    -or-     “I can't do that, yet.”

“I'm not good enough!”    -or-      “I'm not good enough, yet.”  

“This doesn't work!”      -or-      “This doesn't work, yet.”

Can you feel the difference?

One is closure, the other is open ended.

One is a statement, the other has possibility lurking in the pause.

We are given permission to acknowledge we have some work to do AND it creates excitement in thinking about future possibilities that will motivate us.

Play with it for a minute and see what it does for you.

Do you know where I was reminded of this recently?

In a child's book, The Magical Yet by Angela DiTerlizzi.

And she is so right. There are so many things we can't do…yet.

With a little more time, a little more practice, a little more growth, we can do amazing things.

You got this!


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