“There is no comfort in change and no change in comfort.” 

Since the last 16 months have been full of times of discomfort we should have grown a lot.

This may not have happened.

While I love the quote and think it is true that there is discomfort in change, there is a piece missing. 

The intentionality.

The purpose.

The why.

I talk to people who are experiencing discomfort, but doing nothing about it to change anything. You could say they are in their comfort zone, but they would tell you they definitely are not. 

The perception is what needs to change and when it does, look out! Big changes are ahead. 

As I always say, “It isn’t a choice until you see it as a choice.”

Sometimes we can see the choice, but we still choose to stay where we are. It is safe and predictable, we know what is going to happen and we know the role we are expected to play.

It isn’t until we find the purpose to change that we do. 

I ask clients who have been stuck for a long time and then finally reach out why they are seeking to change the situation now. This isn’t just me being curious, it is to define their why. When this is clear, they often follow through on their intentions with greater regularity.

Sometimes it is because of a child and even though the client has been experiencing abuse in the relationship for years, once a child enters, they don’t want the child to go through that so they are willing to be in the discomfort to get the change.

Ask yourself, what would you like to change and are you willing to experience discomfort to get the change?

What is your why, your purpose, your intention.

Be clear and then take the necessary steps to move in the direction of discomfort that will bring the sought change. 

You can find the resources you need to create the change you desire at Live On Purpose Central. Positivity Power-Up is a great place to start to challenge your ideas and give you the confidence you need to step toward your discomfort.

Dr. Paul

I heard this quote but couldn’t find the exact source (let me know if you find it).