Hope: (verb) want something to happen or be the case.

Sounds simple enough.

Yet, I hear people say they don't have any hope.

And this disturbs me.

Because this world needs hope.

Almost everything that has been invented or created in this world has been because of hope.

Someone hoped to be able to ship goods across the United States faster than horse and buggy.

Someone hoped to be able to cure polio and a number of other diseases.

Someone hoped to create a masterpiece that would inspire other artists.

Personally, I have hoped for an education, for a wife and family, to write a book, to be a speaker, for the opportunity to be a grandpa.

I think of what is not happening in people's lives because they have given up hope and it makes me sad.

You can have hope, no matter what hurdles you have in your life that make it seem to you as though life is hopeless.

Please join me forĀ The Hope Class Encore.

I hope to help and encourage others to increase their hope.

There is always Hope.