5 Steps to Effective Communication

By M-Power

How did you like the interview I did with David Horsager on his book, Trusted Leader? Link to the last post to see what I am talking about. As I was going through the YouTube Comments, one came up that I thought was insightful and relevant to the interview. It was in regards to this video, Communicating Effectively With Your Teenager / 5 rules.  The comment was that these rules will help you communicate effectively with anyone.  This viewer was so right.  I seek to find principles. The principles I was highlighting are about communication. I applied them in the video to teenagers, but they can be applied to anyone.  They also dovetailed nicely with the interview I did with David about leadership.  The principles are about building trust in the relationship so we can communicate effectively.  E F F E C T I V E L Y. We don’t…

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