Everyone knows how damaging gossip can be, to the gossiper and those being gossiped about.

My friend, Bob Burg had a great idea that I just have to pass along.

It is an idea that if utilized could reduce negativity and increase positivity.

The Reverse Gossip Game

The rules are easy:

“…say something kind, encouraging, edifying, and complimentary…behind someone's back.”

“We could never have pulled this project off without Mike's great work.”

“Did you see how hard Zara worked on her art project? It turned out fabulous.”

“I love how Colby knows just the right people to task for projects and helps people to stay focused.”

This is a WIN/WIN game.

The person you are talking to knows that you speak positively about other people and is more likely to make a connection with you.

Your stock will rise in the person you were talking about when he or she hears about it.

Your gratitude is increased and so is your positivity.

Give the game a try, it is great fun, doesn't cost a cent and the rewards are powerful.

WARNING: You may find your environment more kind, friendly, encouraging and filled with people who want to help you.