Pathological Positivity and Power Tools

Power Tools is the name of Chapter 6 in my book, Pathological Positivity. What a strange name for a chapter in a book that teaches you how to Live On Purpose. What do power tools have to do with positivity?

In Chapter 6, I share a treasured experience of moving a shower drain in a 6-inch concrete floor. After chipping away for a week with a hand-held chisel and a two-pound sledge hammer, progress is sloooooow. My handyman neighbor drops by, observes, chuckles, and tells me he will be back in a minute. My neighbor returns with a hammer-drill, little brother of a jackhammer. “Here, plug this in and give er’ a whirl,” he says. There is no comparison of this tool and my little chisel.

The power tool definitely made the job quicker, easier and with less perspiration, but without a power source, it would have been more awkward than the primitive tool I was using. That is what Pathological Positivity is about, finding the power source that will fuel our thinking to levels never before imagined. We can move to an entirely new level with a tool that is many times more powerful than what we are used to having on hand. It is moving up to a new level of thinking which is infinitely more effective in building the life we love.

Pathological Positivity is available in digital form through Audible. Just CLICK HERE to order your book and begin listening in the car, while walking, or doing yard  work. Begin not just thinking better at the level we are used to thinking, but thinking better at a level we have never before even thought about thinking.


“A hammer neither builds nor destroys; it simply yields to the will of the wielder.”

~Paul H. Jenkins, Ph.D.