We know what it means to “pay it forward” or “random acts of kindness.” 

What about “passing on positivity?”

It is easy to do and can be done anywhere. It will make a huge impact in creating a more positive environment.

Start by looking outward. Notice your environment and specifically the people in your environment.

Then smile and look for good. 

Look for something to compliment someone else on.

Or see where a word of encouragement could be appreciated.

You can also make an effort to engage in positive conversations. 

Do this by asking a leading question. You seem to really love x, tell me more about it.

What lights you up? When was the last time you laughed really hard?

You can start a group to have a positive impact in your community. The possibilities are endless.

You can get more generous with your time and offer to help other people in need. Finally, you can lead by example and act as a role model for others to follow. 

I’m glad you are a part of our positive mindset community. 

Power-up YOUR positivity, then power-up someone else’s.

You got this!