At Live On Purpose TV, our YouTube Channel, parenting is a huge piece of what people are looking for. There is another piece that recently got a big surge and that was personal development.

I have met some people who either aren’t really sure what that is or they say they are not “into” personal development.

And yet, if we spend even just a minute or two talking, they almost always end up admitting that there are things they don’t like about themselves and want to change, that they are in the process of trying to do something better, or they are planning on learning a new skill to make their life better.

That is personal development. So it wasn’t surprising that the personal development video went viral for a hot minute.

Most people want to be better parents. Better than they have been and better than their parents were.

Personal development is learning to operate the equipment of your own mind and that affects every aspect of your life.

We need to get our brain working for us, not against us and that increases happiness.

In fact, the first step in parenting or in personal development is to take care of yourself.

That means that you get enough sleep, exercise, eat healthy, and find something each day that gives you joy, no matter how small.

The second rule is to take care of your parenting team, meaning you and your spouse, partner, or whoever it is that is helping you to parent.

The third rule is to love your children and fourth is to discipline them. Children need love and discipline and if they get too much of one and not enough of the other, they go a little wonky on us.

If you follow these four rules, you are going to be happier and less stressed.

Yes, there will still be problems, but we will be able to handle them in a positive way because we will have trained the equipment (our brains).

If you need some coaching in your personal development to get you to this point, our Live On Purpose Coaches are equipped to help you.

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Dr. Paul