I talk a lot about our purpose but, hey, did you see the logo? Live On Purpose.

It seems some people think their purpose is to be free of all problems. 

They are going to be happy, they are going to be successful, they are going to be content when they don’t have problems.

Do you know anyone who has never had any problems, challenges or obstacles in life?

I don’t. 

Even babies have problems. They cry because they can’t take care of the problem themselves.

Perhaps our purpose in life is not to be free of any problems, challenges, or adversities.

Perhaps our purpose is to rise to the challenges we are given.

We Live On Purpose when we accept the challenges and use our skills or acquire new ones to deal with the obstacles. 

Think about it, if the purpose of life was to not have any problems at all, WE ALL FAIL. 

That doesn't work for me because it isn't positive.

And when you become successful, you will still have challenges.

Abraham Lincoln lost several elections and the love of his life died when he was just 23 years old. He had mounds of problems leading the country through the Civil War. 

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. He had to work hard to obtain the skills that would take him to an NBA career and he missed a lot of baskets when he was in the NBA. 

When we Live On Purpose, we acquire the skills we need to be successful and happy before, during and after any obstacles come our way.

Yes, even during the trial or challenge we can be living on purpose.

When we Live On Purpose we don’t wait passively for the challenge to be over. Our perspective shifts and we begin to take a more active role in dealing with the challenge.

If you need some help in learning how to Live On Purpose, join us at Live On Purpose Central.