Forgiveness can be hard for some people.

Forgiveness is also a powerful emotion that can have a lasting impact on both personal and work life.

When some people are holding back forgiveness from someone who sincerely is sorry and is trying to change it may be helpful to keep in mind an important byproduct of forgiveness.

Forgiveness can help to foster loyalty between two people.

I don’t know of any relationship where there has been perfect communication and understanding of where the other person was coming from, past hurts and disappointments and grace given always in abundance.

Perhaps because there are no perfect people.

Communication can be confusing.

We aren’t at our best every day of our lives. We may be sick, upset about something, sleep deprived.

Without forgiveness the disagreement can moulder and fester.

With forgiveness the bond can become stronger which leads to increased loyalty.

In the workplace, forgiveness can be just as important. If an employee makes a mistake, it can be hard for their boss to continue to trust them without some form of forgiveness.

Forgiving someone can create a more positive work environment and can help to foster loyalty between employees. Employees who feel forgiven are more likely to be loyal to their employers and to be more invested in their work.

Forgiveness takes time, but it can be an incredibly powerful tool in any relationship.

I am not the forgiveness police. Only you can decide when and whom to forgive. Just leave the option open as it will free you in the end. Whenever the end arrives.

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