In my part of the world, the leaves are turning those cool fall colors and spiraling from the trees. Sometimes we like to drive up the canyon and see all the leaves falling from their branches.

Some people don't like to see the leaves fall as it means there will be bare trees and winter. For us that means lots of snow and frigid temperatures. People can get depressed with less sunlight during the day.

We all have changing seasons in our lives. We have problems that seem to settle down upon us. Sometimes it feels like they are freezing us in place and we can't move on and deal with the rest of our lives. They leave us feeling cold and bare. 

Yet, in all my years of life, Spring has always come bringing new life, brilliant colors and warming the ground, transforming the snow and ice into life-giving water. 

It can be difficult remaining positive when problems creep up in life. If you are experiencing this, just keep the door open to hope. Hope for Spring. Hope for relief from your present burdens. Hope for change.

Coaching can help you create the wonders of Spring in your life. Schedule today and find out how you can remain positive even during the winters of your life.