Accept the Challenge

In going through YouTube comments recently, there were several that caught my eye. 

These were the ones that said they were going to give what I was discussing in the videos a try.

These comments make me smile.

They light me up.

They fill me with hope.

When we open ourselves up to “try” something, we are opening up hope and a belief in our capacity to do things differently.

The things they were trying were varied. Some were to stop yelling at their kids, some were to practice gratitude, some were to get motivated to take care of things they have been letting go.

What we need to “try” is individual and unique to each of us.

Let's just be open enough to let in the idea of trying take root. 

After that, we can move to doing.

What are you needing to try?

Check out the playlist for Live On Purpose TV on YouTube today to get some idea on your try.