Too often people come to me when things are broken.

Saddest of all is when relationships are broken, or hanging on by a thread,

And then we get into what is wrong.

In most cases they don’t need to tell me what happened. 

The results are predictable.

They stopped spending time together.

They stopped thinking about the other person and doing something nice for them.

They began to let small differences become large by not addressing them.

They allowed unkind words and jabs to be volleyed at each other.

They started putting other people before the relationship.

They began to see the other person as not someone to be trusted and loved, but as a bear, someone to avoid.

The things that brought them together were pushed aside, no longer nurtured, they were left to rot.

And so the relationship began to decay.

It usually isn’t intentional.

And it doesn’t really matter if children, careers, hobbies or other people are being blamed.

It is really that the things we know we should do to keep our relationships strong were ignored.

When nine principles are alive and well, the relationship survives and even thrives.









Enjoyable shared activities

Pick one of these today and start strengthening your relationships before it is too late.