Love it or Hate it, Your Choice

Some people love Valentine's Day.

Some people hate it.

Some call it SAD (Singles Awareness Day).

Some celebrate extravagantly. 

Others ignore it.

Whatever your feelings, notice something as we approach Valentine's Day.

Everything we do is either because of love or hate.

We can choose to love.


We can choose to hate. 

Align yourself with love.

Become conscience of your choices.

When your wife comments that she will finish cleaning the kitchen when she gets home from her meeting, choose love. Get in there and finish the kitchen before she gets home, because you choose love.

When your teen is anxious about an upcoming test, tuck a little surprise in their backpack, a quick note that you love them no matter what, or their favorite snack to eat after they are done. 

Choose to open the door for someone and give them a big smile, (even through masks, big smiles are seen in our eyes).

There are so many ways we can choose to love in our actions every single day. 

Take the Love Choice Challenge and choose love.


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