Are you one of those people who hate Monday mornings? 

I love them!

Mondays are opportunity. The slate is wiped clean and I have a whole new week in front of me to create great things.

Some people say they do not like Monday mornings because of their job. They aren't happy with the work or they don't like the people they work with. 

I can see how that could be challenging.

It also creates discontent. And discontent is not in itself bad. If we can use the discontent to cause us to want to create something new then that is a beautiful thing. It is Monday morning full of opportunity. 

Getting from discontent to creation is where people get stuck. 

At Live On Purpose that is why we have Certified Positivity Practitioners – to get you from discontent to creation. This can be anywhere in your life – not just work. 

When you are ready we are here. Schedule a call and see what it would take to get from discontent to creation. 

You got this!