Dr Paul Jenkins

Problem-Solving Life Hack

By M-Power

Problems! We all have them. They vary by size, duration, intensity, and focus. You walk out to your car. It’s tilting a little funny and you notice that one of the rear tires is flat. You think, “Oh, great! I don’t need this today.” Your mind automatically goes to how much it is going to cost to replace the tire. Not only that, you will probably have to replace the other rear tire and maybe you should just do all four. Where will you get the money since you just had to replace your refrigerator? The problem of a deflated tire has now ballooned into financial crisis. You bend down for a closer look at the tire. Someone pulled a prank by letting the air out. All you have to do is pump it up and you are on your way again. You feel a little miffed, a little embarrassed,…

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