Take Control of You and Your Home

  • I promise myself I am not going to yell and do good for a day or so, then find myself back in my bad habits, help me to stop.
  • I hear myself yelling and it reminds me of my mom. I don’t want to raise my kids like I was raised.
  • I can see the hurt in my kids eyes when I yell, but how do I get them to listen?
  • My kids have trained me to yell, how do I take control?
  • I feel like a complete failure as a parent. Help.

If you have ever felt like this, you are not alone.

But you probably felt like you were.

So, when we launched Live On Purpose TV on YouTube, it was one of the first videos I recorded to help parents.

And it is still one of the most popular videos to date.

There was more demand for help so I created a couple more videos. And, I have heard that people are still feeling some frustration around this topic.

So, I am hosting a free webinar on December 2nd, where I can share some ways to stop yelling and get kids to listen.

This will be different from the videos, as I will be able to answer some questions or pull viewers into the action by putting them in the hot seat. Their answers might be yours – or you might end up in the hot seat and your answers might be theirs.

This might be the best gift you receive this holiday season.

Join me for this powerful session to create a peaceful holiday, without yelling.