Hey, I forgot to mention in our last email about family councils that you can do this with whoever is living with you. It could be your spouse and children, or just your children. It could be just you. It could be your roommate. This is about building the relationships that are close to us, that affect us daily.

The third tip on creating a stronger family culture has to do with something that my wife, Vicki, introduced me to. I think it made a huge difference in our family culture. 

She put it this way, 

“Be there at the crossroads.” 

She meant that when the kids were coming and going, we should try to be there as much as possible. 

It could be the kids getting off to school, to their sports, music lessons, or whatever it is they are coming and going from. 

If mom or dad can be there when these times are happening, it completely changes the energy.

It gives more of a home base and a sense of security. 

There are seasons of our lives and demands that might make this difficult.

As much as you can, be there.

If you can’t be there in person, you could make a phone call. Send a text. Check in with your child. Leave a note for them. 

When you do reconnect with your child after a busy day, instead of getting busy with chores and dinner, sit down and talk to your child, make that connection that is needed every day.

Our next email will be the final one in this series. 

I hope these ideas are helping to create a stronger family culture in your family.

Dr. Paul

In modern life, we tend to forget family values because of the hectic schedule.  Mahesh Babu