Is your glass half empty or half full? What if I told you that no matter how much liquid is in your glass, it is always full? In fact, it is overflowing.

I touch on this in my book, Pathological Positivity. Your glass is full, all the time. The part that is not liquid is air. How important is air? To everyone I know, it is vital. We are immersed in air constantly and we rarely notice air – unless we don't have it.

Being Pathologically Positive means we look at things differently. We discover an internal power that allows us to see what is in front of us in a different way so we can achieve success.

Being Pathologically Positive means that no matter what is going around us, even despair and difficulties, we can be positive and in agent mode. Pathologically Positive people broaden their perspective to see possibilities in problems and find or create constructive tools to handle challenges.

If you need help channeling your inner positivity, make an appointment with Natasja or Jeff.

Keep breathing.


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