Spring Break is really popular at our house since my wife works in a school setting. 

Spring Break is set up to give students an opportunity to take a break from their studies so they can finish the year strong.

(I see how it also benefits teachers and staff members.)

Many in our society think a good work ethic is putting in long hours and being available to your job 24/7. 

This is a good way to make you less productive and less valuable to your employer.

Studies have shown that those who step away from work on a regular basis and spend time with family, friends or doing different activities (not sitting in front of a computer or TV), come back to work re-charged, enthusiastic, and with renewed creative energy.

Work is not the only one that benefits from your break, when done with family and friends, it can increase your emotional bonds. Many marriages have become stronger when they have taken time away from the demands in their lives to focus on one another. 

Having a strong marriage or other relationships leads to us being healthier overall.

Healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally.

By not taking breaks from work we can be left with nothing in our reserve to give to anyone, not those at work or those at home. Our physical health usually suffers along with our emotional health.

You don’t have to book an expensive vacation to get away from work. 

Staycations done right can help you to have the same benefits as being away from home. 

Plan experiences during your time off. Become a tourist where you live. Plan to do things with those that mean most to you. 

It is during these shared events that we grow closer together and fill our reserves so we have something to give once we get back to the office.

Try something new, something you or a loved one has always wanted to do. Get outdoors and get some fresh air and hopefully some sun. Get exercise.

All of these will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle challenges.

Oh, and when you get home, don’t forget to plan your next break.

Dr. Paul