You may know what your IQ is, but do you know what your EQ is?

Your IQ is determined by a test that measures your ability to solve problems and reason. 

Emotional intelligence is determined by your ability to read others in social situations, empathize, decrease conflict, communicate and overcome obstacles.

The importance of your IQ is something that parents and society look at to predict if a person will become successful in school and life. While those with a high IQ are more likely to be successful in school, earn more, and be healthy, your EQ can be as much of a determinant.

Some companies are now giving EQ tests to their employees. An insurance company figured out that those with high EQ’s were more successful in sales. 

Why? Because emotionally intelligent people are able to build a connection with those they encounter. They build trust through listening to the client, empathizing with them, finding a solution to their problem and clearly show how the product can benefit them. 

The good news is that while there may not be a lot that you can do to change your IQ, you CAN improve your EQ.

Some schools are introducing programs to help children who lack emotional intelligence as there is evidence that when emotional intelligence is raised, there are fewer discipline problems, less suspensions and better test scores. 

Emotional Intelligence explains why someone who wasn’t particularly successful in school can become successful in business and life. 

Emotional Intelligence may be more important than IQ as we finish our formal schooling very early in life. There is a lot of life to be experienced after graduation

This planet is full of humans and when we learn how to interact and connect with others better, they will be willing to engage with us and value is created.

 We will go into more ideas on how to increase your emotional intelligence on Thursday. 

Until then, seek to listen to others, keep calm, and build connections. 

Dr. Paul