Why Are They There?

By May 14, 2008 2 Comments

Occasionally along the path to our dream we encounter giants that stand in our way and threaten us.  In a menacing way, they insist that we turn back, trying to discourage and intimidate.  These giants may be immovable objects, opposing individuals, sluggish systems, or crushing burdens.  In a scene from Harry Potter, the kids encounter a huge three-headed dog-like beast named “Fluffy”.  After fleeing from the beast, Hermione chides the boys a bit for not noticing that the beast was actually guarding something – a trap door.  Ask yourself what your particular giant is guarding.  Only by moving beyond and through the giants can we attain the dream.  Sometimes the brick walls are there only to test how badly we want something.  Make sure you have something bigger than your giant on your side – namely your God, your resolve, and your dreams.

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  • Dr. Paul says:

    I love what Max is doing – I recently read his “In The Eye Of The Storm” and had a meaningful e-mail exchange with him. Thanks for your comment.

  • Thank you Dr. Paul for your amazing comments. I recently read a book by Max Lucado called Facing Your Giants. Like this thought it really was a lot to think about and act on with regards to facing our obstacles and achieving our dreams.