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By November 8, 2008 6 Comments

A lot of people are really concerned about our economic condition lately.  Some think that the solutions lie in “bail-out” offers from the government, or some kind of “adjustments” that can be made by those who are in power.  I'm convinced that the answers lie in the human life value of you and those around you.  Each person has some unique way to create value for others.  Find ways to resolve the unresolved problems of others.  I appreciate what Phil Myers told me about this in a recent interview.  In his book Tuned In, Phil and his co-authors point out that you can't just figure out in your own head or in a board room what those unresolved problems are.  You have to actually ask people and then listen to their answers.  Get out of the office and into the minds and hearts of those you could serve if you knew what they wanted.


Listen in on my interview with Phil here: http://www.liveonpurposeradio.com/radio/2008/08/20/tuned-in/ 


It is in this spirit that I have a special request today.  Would you please take no more than a few minutes to respond to a few of my questions?  I'm planning some events in a few weeks that would be much better if I really knew what you want.  You can do this simply by posting your responses HERE.


My questions are these:

I am a psychologist, speaker, and coach with a specialty in helping people to change especially as it relates to their key relationships.  Knowing what you know right now about me and what I do…


1.    How likely would you be to register for and attend an event focused on helping you to actually change what you’ve already been intending to change?

Your response:


2.    Which of these types of events would you be more likely to register for and why?

a.    An event that focuses on personal development and change.

b.    An event that focuses on helping you to enhance your marriage and be more unified with your spouse.

c.    An event that helps you become the parent you really want to be for your kids.

Your response:


3.    If you could magically add Dr. Paul to your personal advisory team, what would you assign me to work on first?  In other words, if you were to ask me to help you with any aspect of your life, success, and prosperity, what would it be?

Your response:


To Your Success!

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  • Christine says:

    #1: I’ve moved to NY for Physician Assistant School, so me attending anything is thoroughly unlikely… that and I can’t afford to go to anything that costs more than about $0.01. 🙁 Such is life on student loans alone. I realize you’re mostly geared toward people who are already professionals and have at least a little money in the bank. I don’t fit that demographic.

    #2: This one’s easy – I’m single with no kids. I choose option A.

    #3: Ha ha… “personal advisory team…” The thing that eats at me most on a daily basis is that the vast majority of my friends and cousins my age (~25) are married with kids, yet I’ve never been in love to ANY degree. I’ve never even been kissed. I can’t help but think that something is definitely not right about that. I feel like the kid who got held back a grade or two at school. There’s obviously something I don’t “get.” :'( It’s probably not the kind of thing you could really address in a seminar, but that’s my honest answer to your question.

    Sorry – My demographic is probably a very small minority of your readership, and my responses likely aren’t of much help, but I thought I might share anyway. Carry on.

  • Kelly says:

    Question #1. I would very likely attend a seminar that would improve all areas of my life for the better.
    Question #2. I would attend all three!! They are all very important. The first one would be (A) focus on personal development, then that would help the marriage and parenting.
    Question #3. One question, hmmmmmmmm. Dr. Paul, I recently got engaged and have 2 lovely daughters, how do I blend families for an postive outcome?

    Thanks for all your wonderful, uplifting email messages, they make my day!!


    Kelly : )

  • I am going to say door number 2. Personal development and change is one of the most powerful things for everyone. Once we evolve and learn to love ourselves than think of how that will effect our everyday life and communications with others; spouses, kids and even strangers. Once you find personal happiness you only want to share that with everyone around you.

  • Chad Fellows says:

    One last thought…I just watched a TV program about billionaires. The one they were featuring had everything…planes, yachts, 30,000 sf house, pools, high tech everything, chauffers, butlers, decorators, businesses, etc. etc. Oh, and they mentioned he was divorced with 4 kids. He spoke about the challenge of adding another billion not because he needed it, but doing it for the challenge of it.

    Losing your family in the pursuit to gain everything only leaves you with nothing.


  • Chad Fellows says:

    I would more likely attend a marriage or parenting event as family is the central focus in my life.

    If I could be advised on any aspect of my life it would be on how to continue to add productive streams of income to advance toward economic liberation.

    With Gratitude,


  • Chad Fellows says:

    At this point I would be unlikely to attend an event that is outside my work schedule because I go home and focus on my family. The one thing I seek to change is to create enough portfolio wealth to be with my family more while providing worthwhile systems to worthwhile causes.

    I want to change how I eat and exercise. I want to expand my productive resources while maintaining a balance at home. I want to progressively realize a worthy ideal and am doing this.

    I would attend many events if I could, but I have 5 other very special people I give my own interests up for in order to be integrated into their lives. Believe me Dr Paul, I am rewarded by your efforts and events are fulfilling because I learn from good people how to better myself and serve others.

    I appreciate what you accomplish and do for humanity.