There are times in our lives when it is natural to take a pause and evaluate where we are and where we want to go.

This happens when we have major life events.

Experience beginnings and endings.

When we feel restless, unsettled or bored.

When we reach a goal.

When we are frazzled, feeling like we are on a hamster wheel – getting nowhere but spinning around and around.

I have recently discovered a tool that has helped me to push pause on a regular basis. 

It is called Midweek Think Time.

I was sharing with my daughter, Lyndi, about some projects or concerns that I hadn’t come to a resolution yet about. And, my calendar was full.

She said, “You need some weekly think time.”

So, I put it on my calendar. 


I write down items that need my attention and additional thought to think through. 

Then I can be present for what is on my calendar and not worry that I haven’t decided what to do about “X” yet. 

Because I have scheduled time to think about “X”.

These aren’t tasks to be checked off though it may lead to a creation of such lists.

It is time to reflect and think through a specific topic without being distracted or rushed. 

It is a time to ask more questions.

It is a time to collect more data.

Midweek Thinking Time gets me off the hamster wheel and gets decisions made so I can Live On Purpose.

Try it and let me know your experience.