What Kind of Difference?

By February 20, 2008 3 Comments

My 10-year-old daughter shared with me a quick little inspirational book this week called The Fred Factor, by Mark Sanborn. This book was inspired by the author’s mailman who went out of his way to do his job with enthusiasm, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary for himself and all of those around him. Sanborn suggests that we can convert the job we have into one we love, not by doing a different job, but by doing the one we have differently. Many of my clients have shared with me that their goal is to make a difference in this world. This book points out that we ALL make a difference in this world every day! The key question is, what KIND of difference am I making? You WILL affect people today, maybe slightly, maybe significantly. Notice how you are making a difference in the lives of others today. Start making the kind of difference that lifts and enriches others, and you will begin to love your own life as a result.

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  • Mark Sanborn says:

    I’m delighted your daughter enjoyed my book The Fred Factor and encouraged by the blog you posted. Keep up the great work.

  • Ann Anderson says:

    That is a great thought that I think has gotten lost in our society. We can to easily acquire what it is we think we want at just about any given time. I just finished reading a new book put out by Sheri Dew. Called “God Wants A Powerful People”. In the book she too is passionate about being who you are in every situation you find yourself in life. Sometimes I think the world tries to pass off reasons and unneeded solutions for “problems” we are in. When all we should do is as relax and enjoy where we are. There is divine purpose to our position in this moment and do as Mr. Sanburn encourages in his book, make a difference where you’re at. Just by “being” who we are designed to be, we can bring a different approach in our perspective. God does want a powerful people. Just look at what He was given us. Just meditate on the power you have within, and you can see it. There is no doubt about it. What a wonderful world we create when we choose to live this way each day.

  • Wow! It seems that I’m seeing this idea everywhere I turn these days. The biggest example that hits home for me is my step father who is in Iraq. He is a civilian, hired to drive a bus on the military base in Mosul. He sends an email about his activities and the people he meets regularly. Most days are pretty similar and include soldiers, driving, waiting, bomb blasts, hearing of those who are suffering or who’ve died, driving and waiting. To me this sounds like a horribly lonely and perhaps terrifying way to live. To him, it is an opportunity to bring light to others who are far from home who are doing a great and important work. He has amazing stories, one of which is how he figured out how to pipe music into his bus in order to lift some of the soldiers burden. I hear a little of the people he meets and his desire to develop relationships and to cheer them. He shares packages from home and to top it all off he writes inspiring words from the other side of the world to remind me that the little things I do can and do make a difference. I’m inspired by his words because I know his actions. I published his last email on my family blog http://www.ironmoores.blogspot.com for those who are interested.