Do you like TED Talks or Inspirational Speakers?

The psychologist in me is fascinated by these speeches.

There is a common thread through most of the talks given.

There was something hard.

Obstacles and problems were placed before them.

It was something they would not have chosen for themselves.

They suffered, but persevered.

The person did not give up.

And out of the conflict or trauma they have learned or created something that helps others.

They open up and are vulnerable about their experiences and the transformation that occurred in them.

That vulnerability creates a connection with people.

Even if we don’t know them personally.

In the vulnerability others can connect with them and see hope.

So, if you are going through a hard thing (and who isn’t?) ask yourself what you can learn from the experience.

Then when you are in a good place, share with others. 

Let your heavy, hard thing bring hope to another and lighten their load.

Through connection we can make the world a better place.