When you think of the word humility do you think of weakness, low self-esteem, passivity, or lack of confidence?

Humility to me is none of these things. 

Humility is a strength.

It shows that you are open to possibilities because you are willing to listen and learn from others. It means you may be right, but you are going to respect others’ viewpoint and not demand that they agree with you. 

Humility is not about putting yourself down or letting others walk over you. It is about having a realistic and balanced view of yourself and your abilities. 

Humility also helps you to connect with others in a genuine and respectful way. 

Humility allows healing and thriving in your 7 Key Relationships. Some of the benefits of humility include:

  • It fosters a growth mindset that allows you to learn from feedback and challenges.
  • It enhances your emotional intelligence and empathy, which are essential for building trust and rapport with others.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety by helping you to accept yourself and others as they are, without judging or comparing.
  • It increases your happiness and gratitude by helping you to appreciate what you have and what others do for you.
  • It improves your performance and creativity by encouraging you to seek new ideas and perspectives, and to collaborate with others.

Humility is the antidote of pride, which destroys relationships.

Stay humble,