OK, I wasn’t sure about this. Really? We have joked at our house about everyday being kid day.

Then I read this, “The purpose of this holiday is for parents to celebrate all their children and to show them love and appreciation. On this day, parents all over the United States take time out of their busy schedules to show their children just how much they mean to them.”

Wait, this holiday is right up my alley in so many ways. First, we are choosing Love. Something my book, “The Love Choice,” focuses on.

Second, when we model love and appreciation to our kids, it is teaching them how to love and appreciate those in their lives who make a difference.

Third, it is about slowing down and intentionally thinking about one of the most important relationships in our lives, our children. Without getting too sappy, they are our future (or at least they will be picking our retirement home).

And lastly, my number one rule about parenting is, Love them no matter what and even if. This is a perfect day to express your love to your son or daughter.

Look them in the eye and focus all of your attention on them. Tell them you love them.

Tell them what you like about them.

Ask them if they would like to do something together.

Play their favorite game,

Go to the park,

Take a walk,

Go for an ice cream,

Let them pick what is for dinner,

Do one of their chores for them.

Don’t wait, choose love and nurture the relationship with your kids.

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You got this!

Dr. Paul