When you turn on a flashlight, you see a little spot of light projected wherever you point the device.

Have you ever seen a flashdark? This is a device that projects a little spot of dark wherever you point it. Not!

Similarly, what happens when you open a dark closet in a brightly lit room? The darkness rushes out and fills the room? No. The light rushes in to displace the darkness. It always goes that direction. Light always has the power to displace darkness.

Darkness happens. Boston, Sandy Hook, 9-11…  As our hearts and prayers go out to those affected by darkness, we also see emerging from these tragedies inspiring stories of love, caring, and human goodness. There will always be those who bring dark. Those who bring light win. There is no such thing as a flashdark.

Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.  ~Marilyn Ferguson

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