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By November 26, 2008 3 Comments

Whatever is on your mind right now is kind of like the channels on your TV.  How did you happen to choose the channel you are watching anyway?  Have you wondered recently what might be playing on the other channels that you are not watching currently?  I have known for a long time now that there is power – power that can literally change your life – to be found on the gratitude channel.  See what’s playing on your gratitude channel, and a switch will flip in your mind which will enable you to move beyond some of the snags that have kept you bound up.  Here are a few suggestions for changing the channel:

·         Walk into a grocery store and contemplate how thankful you are for the abundance of food that is available to you.

·         Notice a piece of furniture or an appliance in your home, and give thanks for the labor and genius that went into creating that thing.

·         Think about three people who care for and about you, thank one of them for the way they improve your life.

·         Notice your computer, and give thanks that you have such easy access to the abundance of knowledge that comes your way through e-mail and the internet.

·         Make it a point to exchange a smile with a store clerk, a letter carrier, or a janitor, and thank them for the service they provide.

·         Silently thank drivers on the road who follow the rules and make it possible for you to travel safely.

·         Right now, give thanks for your breath and the gift of your life.


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Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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  • Mike says:

    Hi there,

    I am really inspired by your post and given your shared passion about Gratitude, I thought you might like to check out the free gratitude site I just launched at http://www.GratitudeLog.com. My vision is to get 10 million people to start expressing their daily gratitude!

  • Norma says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for reminding us to “flip the channels”! Sometimes we need to be reminded.

  • Lee Krllov'ec says:

    Thank you! Dr.Paul. I appreciate two items in this message. The first, the simple,easy way to discover the things to be to give thanks for. Yet more is to think of the people behind the item and give thanks to God for them. Another in the email is to think of my brain functioning as a tv channel. This has help to preceive how I am thinking in this moment. I thank god for you Dr Paul. As a result I am atpeace,joyful,happy and thrieving.