The Encore Effect

By August 20, 2008 2 Comments

I had the privilege recently of previewing a copy of Mark Sanborn’s new book, The Encore Effect.  You might remember my interview with Mark where we talked about his best seller, The Fred Factor, in which he tells the story of his postal carrier who did his otherwise ordinary job in an extraordinary way.  Mark reminded me again in this book about the power and importance of doing whatever you do with passion and purpose.  Even if you are not sure of what your unique purpose and contribution to the world is, do whatever you are doing purposefully and with enthusiasm – your purpose will eventually emerge.  Try this out today with someone who isn’t suspecting it.  Use a little more eye contact, a little more smile, a little firmer handshake, or a little more service.  The difference between good and great is often very small – like the .01 second margin of victory in Michael Phelps’ 100 meter butterfly race last week.  Create an Encore performance in your life!

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  • Dr. Paul says:

    So you’re human eh? 😉 Seriously, we all slip into old patterns from time to time. The trick is to intentionally do things regularly to manage your paradigm. I like what Zig Ziglar said about this when he was approached after a seminar. Apparently the seminar attendee expressed that he often felt enthused and inspired after a seminar, but that it didn’t last for more than a few days or a week. Zig responded with something like, “Yeah, neither do showers – that’s why we recommend that you take them frequently.” Thanks for commenting Jenn – sharing your thoughts with others will also help to keep it solid in your mind.

  • I love this idea. Especially since I’m still searching for my unique purpose. Every once in awhile I live my life with more enthusiasm, and more love for those around me. Of course it’s a better way to live. Then when I slide into old patterns of selfishness and depression my friends are surprised and confused by me, and I’m sometimes surprised by me too. How can I keep it up?