It’s one of the seven deadly sins commonly known as the green-eyed monster.


It happens.

Sometimes when you least expect it. 

You find out that your coworker who was hired at the same time as you was given the big account that will probably lead to a promotion.

Or your friend is getting married and your relationship doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. 

Or that guy who is two inches shorter than you can dunk the ball.

It doesn’t feel good when we are feeling it.

It brings on all the negative feelings that lead to negative self-talk.

It can get us in a downward spiral.

How to stop being envious? Become their greatest supporter.

Give it a try. 

Put a smile on your face and think of the nicest compliment you can give. 

Then give it.

Ask your friend how you can help them with the myriad of wedding plans and preparations.

Ask that guy who can dunk the ball how he got to the point where he can do it. Maybe he will share some jumping exercises he used.

Envy separates us from people. It divides us and severs connection.

Support and interest connect us to people and help us to become better than we are now.

The next time you feel the green-eyed monster inside you, flip it. 

Create a connection and you will see the monster creep away with his tail between his legs.

Dr. Paul