Small and Simple Inspiration

By M-Power

 I’ve been reminded this week that the solutions in life often come little by little, not in big chunks.  I sometimes set myself up for discouragement if I’m looking for the big chunk solution.  In fact, it is easy to completely miss the little inspirations that progressively lead us toward our goal.  I believe that most (certainly not all) inspiration comes in the small and simple things.  I like the way Bob Proctor defines success – “The Progressive Realization of a Worthy Ideal”.  Remember that word “progressive” means it doesn’t show up all at once.  If you will humble yourself enough to open your eyes and see the small and simple inspirations in your life, I can almost guarantee you that something will come along today to help you solve your problem.  fast rs money Notice and be grateful! (Please notice also what I’ve attached about Friday’s speed reading event and…

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