Small and Simple Inspiration

By February 27, 2008 2 Comments

 I’ve been reminded this week that the solutions in life often come little by little, not in big chunks.  I sometimes set myself up for discouragement if I’m looking for the big chunk solution.  In fact, it is easy to completely miss the little inspirations that progressively lead us toward our goal.  I believe that most (certainly not all) inspiration comes in the small and simple things.  I like the way Bob Proctor defines success – “The Progressive Realization of a Worthy Ideal”.  Remember that word “progressive” means it doesn’t show up all at once.  If you will humble yourself enough to open your eyes and see the small and simple inspirations in your life, I can almost guarantee you that something will come along today to help you solve your problem. 

Notice and be grateful! (Please notice also what I’ve attached about Friday’s speed reading event and next month’s retreat – could be one of those answers you’re seeking 😉 




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  • Dr. Paul says:

    Thanks Jenn – you just reminded me of another example. I was meeting with a client this week whom I have seen for over a decade now. We were reviewing some notes from “back in the day” when his life was very different than it is now. At one point he wrote down a list of things that his life would be like if it wasn’t bad. As we reviewed the list this week, we saw that all of those things had happened. It isn’t a big chunk solution that brought all of this about, but the progressive realization as he changed his thinking and behavior to come into line with the new way of being. By the way, cool youtube video!

  • “Remember that word “progressive” means it doesn’t show up all at once.”

    I know this is true! I was thinking back to one of the first seminars that I went to given by you and Craig Rollo. I left with a strong desire to write my own personal mission statement, (before I started on my family mission). At the time I wrote it in the present tense, as if I really believed I was all that I wanted to be (with a little laugh to myself because it wasn’t all true yet). I just knew where I wanted to go. Sometime about nine months later I looked at those statements realizing everyone of them had happened. I’m not sure WHEN along the way it happened, but it DID!

    Sometimes looking at back at where we’ve come from is the best way to recognize progress, and progress is success, right? Thank you for all you do. I look forward to your weekly m-power emails. My life is blessed because you do what you do!