Positivity is Possible in a Pandemic (or anytime)

By M-Power

I don’t know if you have ever written something and looked back at it later and thought, “What was I thinking?” or “Wow, that is still relevant today.”  I did this recently with this excerpt from my book, Pathological Positivity. Remember, I wrote this in 2014 and we know the world has changed a bit in the last seven years.  “What we interpret, reinterpret, create or recreate on purpose with Pathological Positivity becomes what is – and thereby becomes real. We feel successful as soon as we appreciate what is as good, and see what is to be as even better. Like a child excited to open birthday presents, the pathologically positive relish and enjoy the anticipation of great things to come – no matter how things seem here and now.” Is this true in a pandemic? One that has been going on for over a year and still affects…

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