I don’t know if you have ever written something and looked back at it later and thought, “What was I thinking?” or “Wow, that is still relevant today.” 

I did this recently with this excerpt from my book, Pathological Positivity.

Remember, I wrote this in 2014 and we know the world has changed a bit in the last seven years. 

“What we interpret, reinterpret, create or recreate on purpose with Pathological Positivity becomes what is – and thereby becomes real.

We feel successful as soon as we appreciate what is as good, and see what is to be as even better. Like a child excited to open birthday presents, the pathologically positive relish and enjoy the anticipation of great things to come – no matter how things seem here and now.”

Is this true in a pandemic? One that has been going on for over a year and still affects how we interact and do business with others?

I believe that it is relevant because being pathologically positive is based on principles. Principles don’t change. How we apply those principles may change due to circumstances, age or a pandemic.

I know this because I have helped people over the last year who weren’t living pathologically positive to learn the principles and put them into action. They changed the feeling that they thought things were awful, ruined and weren’t going to get better. As I describe in my book, The Feeling changed and is one of positivity, even in a pandemic. It isn’t made up. You have probably heard the saying, fake it till you make it (yuk). You can be your authentic self and be positive in a pandemic.

Being pathologically positive is gaining skills you can add to your toolbox so when life throws you a curve (and this pandemic will not be the last curveball), you will be able to evaluate and create a better life.

We aren’t at the end of the pandemic, but you can get The Feeling before things open up entirely.

“Our alternative scenarios are imaginary, made up, fabricated, for comparison or for creation. None of the imagined alternate scenarios are what is – yet. Since they are all fabricated, we  can choose which serves us best for evaluation and then for creation. We focus on that, create it, and enjoy it. 

We thereby live on purpose with Pathological Positivity, continually and naturally creating the life we love, by evaluating what is in the light of what could be worse, and what is to be in the light of what could be better.” 

Could your life be better? Sure, by creating a pathologically positive mindset, you become free to imagine that better life and then take the steps to create it. 

Dr. Paul 

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