Pathological Positivity and Power Tools

By M-Power

Pathological Positivity and Power Tools Power Tools is the name of Chapter 6 in my book, Pathological Positivity. What a strange name for a chapter in a book that teaches you how to Live On Purpose. What do power tools have to do with positivity? In Chapter 6, I share a treasured experience of moving a shower drain in a 6-inch concrete floor. After chipping away for a week with a hand-held chisel and a two-pound sledge hammer, progress is sloooooow. My handyman neighbor drops by, observes, chuckles, and tells me he will be back in a minute. My neighbor returns with a hammer-drill, little brother of a jackhammer. “Here, plug this in and give er’ a whirl,” he says. There is no comparison of this tool and my little chisel. The power tool definitely made the job quicker, easier and with less perspiration, but without a power source, it would have…

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