Find the Funny, Find the Pain

By M-Power

Welcome Back!  How did it go? Did you try the experiment? Did you step back from seeing all the annoying qualities of your coworker and observe them? Did you try to choose to be amused by their antics?  It can take some practice, but I hope you tried it out. We are going to get into two other ideas that can help you to get along with a cranky or annoying coworker. Change Your Focus My friend says, “What you focus on, you feel.”  What is your focus with this person? How are you seeing them? What are you looking for? Changing your focus might be that you simply find the funny.  As a professional speaker, I am on the lookout for funny stuff. It becomes good content for comedy.  How about looking for their superpower.  I know, their superpower is to annoy you. Maybe they have another one. Your…

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