How to Make Up Your Mind: Try Some Stuff???

By M-Power

Let’s start with what gets in the way of making up our mind about something. Usually we create some kind of pressure or expectation that we have to get it right, That expectation creates a fear that we may get it wrong and who wants to be wrong? And so, we do not make a decision at all. Brett Harward is a friend of mine and the author of the 5 Laws That Determine All Of Life’s Outcomes. Brett talks about the law of frequency. And my understanding of that comes from an example that Brett shared with me. If you can imagine having a nice little paper bag, and I put in 20 $1.00 bills. Then I add 15 $5.00 bills. Then I add 10 $20.00 bills and 5 $50.00 bills. To top it off, I put in 1 $100.00 bill. Now, which one of the bills do you want?…

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