Let's start with what gets in the way of making up our mind about something.

Usually we create some kind of pressure or expectation that we have to get it right,

That expectation creates a fear that we may get it wrong and who wants to be wrong?

And so, we do not make a decision at all.

Brett Harward is a friend of mine and the author of the 5 Laws That Determine All Of Life's Outcomes. Brett talks about the law of frequency. And my understanding of that comes from an example that Brett shared with me. If you can imagine having a nice little paper bag, and I put in 20 $1.00 bills. Then I add 15 $5.00 bills. Then I add 10 $20.00 bills and 5 $50.00 bills. To top it off, I put in 1 $100.00 bill.

Now, which one of the bills do you want? The $100.00 bill of course. If I were to give you a chance to reach into the bag and pull one bill out, what are the chances that you are going to get what you want?

Maybe not very good. Because there's more of what you don't really want in there and there's only one of what you really do want.

So, you reach in and you shuffle around and you pull out a $1.00 bill.

Now, what if at this point you have an opportunity to keep what you've got or to put it back in and try again. What would you do?

With a $1.00 bill, you would of course give it to me, and pull out another one because you will get at least that amount no matter what you pulled out of the bag.

What would you do if you pulled out a $20.00 or $50.00 bill? This is where most people have a dilemma. If they draw out the 10 or the 20 or the 50, it's really tempting to say, “Okay, well, I'll stay with that.” Brett's point was that the only way to win this game is to keep drawing.

What does that have to do with making a decision?

What if we just take off the pressure?

You don't have to get it right this time. Would you be more willing to reach your hand in there and play? And if you don't get what you want, guess what? Game's not over yet.

Try again.

Choose again.

Make up your mind again.

Another friend, Eric Dodge is a fabulous musician, his songs are loaded with some really awesome messages.

I interviewed him on my podcast, Live On Purpose Radio. He said something that was so profound. I asked him, “Eric, what would you suggest that people do if they're stuck in a place where they're kind of paralyzed or they feel depressed or are stuck in their life?” And Eric's response was profound. He said, “Man, try some stuff.”

“Really? That's it? Try some stuff?” He's like, “Yeah. Just try some stuff.”

I love that mentality. What if we could shift from the pass fail mentality into experimental mode where we're simply trying some stuff, as Eric said.

It's not that you're going to fail. It's not that you have to pass.

We're simply experimenting. We're trying some stuff.

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Dr. Paul

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln

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