How Do You Handle Aggressive Child Behavior Toward A Parent?

By M-Power

Vicki: Paul and I are going to take on the topic How to Handle An Aggressive Child Toward a Parent with an acronym. The word is CHILL. Calm your own emotional response, model what that calmness looks like for them. Paul: That’s such a powerful learning tool. What you show them is huge. Vicki: You know, it’s so funny but a lot of times you have to just kind of think about your face. “Is my face calm? Okay, I’m going to calm.” Let down your shoulders, that sort of thing. So, get good at calming your own self. Maybe even taking a big breath letting it out. Paul: You know I had Nicholeen Peck come and do a couple of episodes of Live On Purpose TV on YouTube. You can look those up in the playlist on our channel. I love the way Nicholeen puts this. Calm voice, calm…

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