Surprise! Expect the Unexpected

We are told to “plan” our lives and then told to expect the unexpected. Huh? Might as well not even plan, right? WRONG!

In my YouTube video, Coping With Chronic Illness and Disability, I outline principles we can use when life says, “Surprise!” to create an inspiring outcome. Everyone's life Surprise will look different but these principles help us make our life inspiring despite of or even because of our Surprise!

I love interviewing inspiring people on my podcast. Every story has a hard part that hits out of nowhere and though the individual may be stuck for a bit, I have found that every one of them decides at some point they are going to pick a position that works for them. Think about the things you CAN do despite your challenge, that opens up opportunity.

Next, decide your attitude toward the challenge. Well, you may say, “It hurts,” “it is not what I wanted,” “it makes me feel bad about myself.” That isn’t attitude, those are feelings and we need to separate our attitude from our feelings.

Attitude in aviation is not how the pilot feels about the plane, but it’s relation to the horizon. If the plane is nose down, it is going to crash, if it is nose up, the plane is rising.

Use your Surprise to write your inspiring life story so you can inspire others who may or may not have the same Surprise!

“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn't mean to take.”

~Angela N. Blount