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By October 22, 2008 One Comment

I’m co-hosting an event this coming Saturday in Salt Lake City that I would like to personally invite you to attend – visit www.thrivesummit.com to see what I’m so excited about and register.  Now for the main message…


The way people feel about you is most closely associated with the way they feel about themselves when they are with you.  Dr. Ann Demarais explains in her book, First Impressions that we can have a powerful impact on others through giving them any of four powerful social gifts:

1.    Appreciation – showing and expressing gratitude for whatever that person brings to our life.

2.    Connection – finding ways that you connect or intersect with that other person in your interests or experience.

3.    Elevation – everyone likes to feel good; your cheerfulness, smile, or positivity will be well received by others.

4.    Enlightenment – find a way to share new knowledge or information with others.

Your challenge today:  Pick one of these social gifts and try it out with three people in your world today.  Let me know how it works!


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  • Angella Joy says:

    Im not sure what you mean by main blog… still facebook illiterate in some aspects. I wanted to comment on the social gifts . At some point I heard that what we are and what comes out of our mouths is like music. We have to analyze minute by minute what kind of music we are playing for others. It’s an easier way to make adjustments in our attitude and vocal tone quickly before we get out of control. One of the biggest challenges we face with ourselves is the lack of self awareness we have with our own projection on to others. The music attachment really helps me with that especially when emotions run high.